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CBD Patient Testimonials

 For several years now, I have ached from head to toe. And I’ve tried to seek help from a rheumatologist twice because my Primary care thought I was dealing with some sort of autoimmune issues. All the rheumatologist found was inflammation/arthritis.  This pain is in my shoulders, hands, and hips. Places I notice it with every move I make. Recently I began using CBD Oil. I’m not kidding when I tell you that when I use it, I can stand up and walk before I even notice what has happened. I didn’t realize what the intensity of what it was doing for me until I forgot to use a serving. This is a big deal because I cannot take anti-inflammatory medication because of stomach issues, so I was really in a hard situation. CBD Oil has literally been life changing for me and my joint pain.  I was out of it for a while and just received my new bottle. I. AM. IN. AWE. Just one serving and I can get up from a sitting position and walk with very little joint pain. I usually have to stand for a second before I can slowly start moving and get to a normal pace. CBD Oil is giving me this part of my life back.

 Angie Heatherly Bostic Jacksboro, TN

 The reason I'm buying those 2 products is because of the success my husband had with the 600 mg gel.  On both hands his arthritic thumbs ache and his hands are usually quite swollen.  The pain keeps him from getting a decent night's sleep.  He started using the gel last Saturday night and by Tuesday night of this week he managed to get a good night's sleep.  And last night he slept well and woke with hands only slightly swollen.  So my Mom wants to try the liquid drops and the gel on my 91 yr. old father to see if it will alleviate the inflammation in his back.

Delighted with your product so far, 

Renee And Dean Johnson,   Tazewell, Va